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Constanzo Farm, Inc.
Specializing in All Types of Vegetables
Established in 1915 by the Constanzo Family

     Constanzo Farm, Inc. was originated in 1915 by Tony Constanzo Sr. after coming to the United States from Italy. Tony Sr. and his family settled in the San Antonio area and bought property in southwest Bexar County. Tony Jr. took over the business in 1932, selling produce to local grocers on a cash basis. At this time they are the one of the oldest producers in San Antonio--68 years. Mae, Tony Jr.'s wife, and Mary Ann, their youngest daughter, joined the family business in 1982. They enjoyed great success working as a team to build the farm to what it is today. Mary Ann is now running the farm. She organizes orders, sales, and buyers, and handles the accounting. The daily planting, picking, and filling of orders demanded additional attention.

The Constanzos     The Constanzo's hired Brad Stull, a Texas A&M Graduate, to help with daily operations, set up and delivery of orders, and to manage the pesticide control program in order to give its customers the best quality product. Brad is in his fourth year with Constanzo Farm. Constanzo Farm now buys from six local farmers, giving them the opportunity to be a part of a larger operation and sell on a scale they would not otherwise be able to compete.

      The Farm has two refrigerator trucks for delivering produce to buyers. Our current base includes H-E-B, Fresh From Texas, and local Markets. Constanzo Farm employee numbers ranges from 3-20 people depending on crop and season.

     In addition, Constanzo Farm works with contracted harvesters to meet the growing market. The Farm is in operation 365 days of the year and delivers produce 7 days each week regardless of weather conditions. Constanzo Farm, Inc. has earned the reputation of a reliable, reputable, and honest company.

14471 Herring Road
Atascosa, TX 78002-5123

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Office/Fax: (210)622-5389
Mary Ann, mobile: (210)387-3948
Brad, mobile: (210)393-4213
E-mail: [email protected]